Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A simple day of summer

Top: Vintage // Shorts: Vintage // Belt: My dads // Socks: Primark // Shoes: Adidas // Headband: H&M

A simple day of summer.
A gentle walk through the fields and farms, greetings from wandering chickens and wide eyed sheep. The somber sun glinting in the cloudless sky, beginning to feel slightly sun kissed but usually more sun burnt.
A peacefulness that just doesn't feel quite right anywhere else.

To be home is something individual, you find happiness in various places which are personal to you.  We should not overlook our home, our surroundings and our daily routines. Although one day my home may become far away in the buzz of the city, I await for that adventure. The simple days are endless around here and for now I adore that...

Lucy Jane


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Golden Girl

Top: Vintage // Pinafore: New Look // Choker: Homemade

I often ignore my creative side when I'm off for summer, I have endless days filled with the possibility to create and make but I end up lacking motivation for ideas. However, through an online course I am completing, Parsons X Teen Vogue certificate in fashion industry essentials, it has given me more opportunities to explore my creativity to a wider spectrum.

'Golden Girl' the title of my choker, my task was to produce an accessory and take into consideration production costs, retail prices and wholesale numbers. 
Here is what I learnt explained...

Original production cost:
£3.80 - Materials
£5.30 - Wage (1 hours work)
Total cost - £9.20
To make a 25%, retail cost - £12

After chatting to my friends about they're opinions of the value of my choker, the majority said they would pay around the £8-£10 mark for an accessory such as this. However, when wholesale buyers come into the picture reducing costs is necessary, so here is what I learnt about that...

Wholesale production cost:
£2.30 - Materials
£2.65 - Wage (30 mins work)
Total cost - £4.95
To make 25% profit, wholesale cost - £6.50

As well as expanding my creative outlook, I am learning so much about the behind the scenes of the fashion industry. From production, to design, to online marketing this course is filled with so much helpful information that's pushing me even more into the world of fashion.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Polka dots and glittery socks

Jumper: Vintage // Pinafore: Primark // Shoes: Boohoo // Socks: Topshop // Phonecase: Iconemesis 

To co-ordinate your phone case with your outfit is one thing, but have you ever fully matched your phone case with your whole outfit? The online store Iconemesis have the sweetest phone cases which coincidentally, illustrate my style perfectly! 

What can sum up Lucy Jane better than a high neck jumper, pinafore, rounded glasses and a classic pair of glittery socks? The evolution of my style seems to have gone backwards, whereas most people mature with age I seem to have become more childish. With being childish comes a sense of fun, a fun and freedom to where whatever I really want and feel comfortable in it. If I didn't have a pair of glittery socks for every day of the week I probably wouldn't function the same, they're fun and that's me. What is also is me is this phone case, it perfectly reflects my childish style with the slight reminder I am still slightly sophisticated by actually owning an iPhone (that shows sophistication in my mind). 

I stress to you all that having fun with your style is what life is all about! Whether you have interest in fashion or not, playing around with colour, texture and fit are the best ways to express yourself visually. 
Feel fun in what you wear and free to wear what you want.

Lucy Jane


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Beauty around every corner

Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: Forever 21// Necklace: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop

Strolling through the streets of Mykonos town, you felt the excitement of not knowing whats round the corner yet being fully aware wherever you turn will hold so much beauty. The classic grey and white cobbles could be endlessly followed without becoming bored of where they took you, it's one big, giant, beautiful maze.

The town itself had so many amazing restaurants, bars and shops which I explored to a certain extent. My favourite place was a shop comparable to Paperchase in the UK, it's name was Anamnesia and it's products were ridiculously cute. It had the prettiest prints on stationary, bags and mugs, I loved it! 
Other than that, some streets were filled with designer stores that I was too nervous to enter, tourist shops selling classic collectables and lots and lots of jewellery shops. It was the ideal shopping destination in the early hours of the morning, not so much in the hustle and bustle of the afternoon.

My bohemian side always comes out when I'm away, you'll never see me in a maxi skirt walking round Manchester! Although whilst getting ready I thought this skirt was the perfect choice, as soon as I stepped outside the wind began to blow me and my skirt away. The slit up the side definitely adds to the design, yet it was not helpful whilst trying to keep my decency walking round Mykonos town. 
The colour combination is my absolute favourite as oranges, pinks and reds work wonderfully. 

One thing I will say for Mykonos, theres beauty around every corner...

Lucy Jane


Friday, 12 August 2016

Y NOT?????

Being beaten in a sweaty crowd probably doesn't sound too appealing to you. The constant elbows smashing your body along with the endless cans of beer, cider and wee being lobbed over your head, sounds inviting don't you think? 
Regardless of what you think, Y Not festival consisted of all these and more, I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends of my life.

Music festivals are a favourite of mine, the people, the music and the atmosphere never fail to make me 100% happy. I could wander round the tents all day bobbing around to whatever music I hear, dancing and singing and not having a single care. 
Every morning I'd wake up, pop my head out the tent and be so ready. Knowing you're seeing Eliza and The Bear, Catfish, Sundara Karma, Circa Waves and Noel Gallagher all in one day definitely motivates you to get out of bed! Although Y Not is consider a 'medium-sized' festival, its line up this year was A M A Z I N G. I can't say any performances were a disappointment but the stand outs for me were Madness, Noel Gallagher, Inheaven, Circa Waves, The Tin Pigeons and obviously my favourites Sundara Karma. 
Hearing Oasis classics live is an experience I'll never forget, standing in a crowd surrounded by people singing along to every word is unexplainable, you had to be there to understand how special it felt. 

Other than the music, my second favourite thing about Y Not was the glitter. A slightly drunk Lucy decided an all over glitter look would be perfect for the Sunday night, I'll tell you now glueing glitter in your hair is never going to be easy to get out!

So the next festival for me is Leeds which is going to be mental.
Let me know what festivals you have been to or where you'd like to go!
I highly encourage everyone to experience the festival atmosphere because you are certainly missing out if you don't!

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Time for a two piece

Two piece: Rose gal // Choker: Topshop // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Shoes: New Look

The days in Mykonos began to tick by as we got lost in time spending the days lounging in the sun, wandering round local restaurants and taking a boat trip out to see the famous sites. The idea of 'doing nothing' never seems like a tiring activity, but after a few days I was a very tired and slightly sunburnt Lucy.

What better way to emphasise my tan(sunburn) than a wear an all white two piece? 

I opted for the prettiest little two piece from  as the simple colours worked perfectly against the blue and white asthetic of Mykonos. I would look at the simple setting of a door and need to take a picture, Mykonos is so aesthetically pleasing! I adored the loose fit of this piece as the lovely warm nights never got uncomfortably warm meaning I didn't turn into a sweaty makeup-less mess. 

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 7 August 2016

'Fake it till you make it'

Top: Zara // Pants: Zara // Shoes: New Look // Choker: Topshop // Sunglasses: Forever 21

Fake it till you make it.
I can not stand this phrase at all, the idea of pretending to be something you aren't in order to receive some form of reward completely aggravates me. Unfortunately, this phrase seemed very fitting to various people around the island of Mykonos. 

Mykonos is known for a luxurious style, yet being surrounded by people who are accustomed to this luxury became slightly intimidating. A daily routine was to pick a sun bed in the corner of the beach, the furthest end away from the busy bars, yacths and staring eyes. I am honestly not one to pick at people if I feel judged, usually I would say their opinion is irrelevant, yet the environment was so overwhelming it was clear a whole lot of people thought they were above everyone else. 

Forgetting that matter, anyone who visits Mykonos needs to go to Blue Myth - Platis Galios beach on a Wednesday or Friday for Greek night! The restaurant had the tastiest food (highly recommend stuffed mushrooms) and the most welcoming staff, I finally felt comfortable. The judgement during the days at the beach was never reflected in the night life, it became a quiet tranquil place to be which was always good to look forward to. 

Although I hate to complain, there is one moment I won't forget...

A group of men playing beach volleyball, three in uniform three not. As they began to finish their game a small speed boat pulled up, firstly the three men not in uniform hopped onto the boat followed  by two of the men in uniform, whilst one man still on the beach. Casually watching on,  I assumed the man on the beach would finish up packing away the net and hop on the boat with the rest of them but instead a man insisted to leave and the boat drove away. Twenty minutes later it returned to pick up the man even though he had been done packing it away within seconds of the boat leaving.  I watched on thinking 'Was it really that hard to wait a few more minutes? How can someone be that so impatient and belittling?' 

Use your money how you wish, but you can only be in one room at a time, one car at a time wearing one top at a time. Money or power is no excuse for rudeness, people are all equal and nobody has a right to think differently. 

Lucy Jane