Wednesday, 21 September 2016

s l u m p

Top: New Look // Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Mango

It isn't that you don't want to, it's just you don't know how to.

Creativity is an important part of me, when I step back and think about my life, I want to be 100% happy. I want to express myself as fully as I can through unique, individual and inspirational ideas.
When I realise I'm not 100%, I enter this slump...

So I'm going to step back, break this slump and start being 100% happy with life.
(and also appreciate the fact autumn is almost round the corner and dark lipstick is a daily essential!)

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

SOOOOO... September!

September seems to have rolled around so quickly and I'm slightly unsure of how to feel about it. The past 2 months of holidays, festivals and being with amazing friends is over, summer 2016 has come  to an end. On one hand I'm so sad to get back to routinely life, but after months of doing little work, it's exciting to bring back the focus and motivation.

SOOOOO... September!
The beginning of the chilly nights that seem to last a lifetime, autumn leaves that simmer down to the ground and an abundance of denim, checks and high neck jumpers. The layering up starts and my initial instinct when dressing in the morning is 'What is going to keep me cozy?' whilst still looking like Infinity of Fashion.

I've picked the creme de la creme of what September means to me and here is why...

1. High neck jumpers - Why wouldn't you want to feel as snug as humanly possible on a daily basis? Pair it with almost anything; jeans, high-waist trousers, slip dresses or even t-shirts.

2. Slip Dresses - So chic, so elegant, so classy...
Lingerie as outerwear has been so huge throughout summer, continuing the trend into autumn/winter is bound to happen! 
I personally love to throw a little tee underneath, some fishnet tights and your outfit is done.

3. Denim - Not just one shade, or two, but may be three shades definitely will be worn throughout this next month. 
Now is the best time for double denim, not too hot and not too cold, get out everything denim and wear it with pride!

4. Velvet - A texture I have a love hate relationship with, I truly blame my 13 year old phase of purchasing the majority of my clothes in velvet for nearly putting me off for life.
Luckily I've rekindled my love and have grown to adore all things velvet, as well as clashing patterns and colours, textures also add so much interest to outfits, do it!

5. Music, glitter and wing eyeliner - September means gig season for bands is in full swing which means moneyless Lucy is also in full swing. 
It's a month when so many artists release new music such as my absolute favourites Sundara Karma, their new single She Said is a beauty of a song so all show some love!!!
Glitter is the part of summer that will never leave me, who needs highlighter when glitter is around? 
My glittered cheeks can sparkle perfectly with my flawless cat-eye flicks, that's September!

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Stumbling and wandering

Top: Zara // Pants: Topshop // Shirt: Vintage // Belt: Mango // Shoes: Docs // Sunglasses: Forever 21

The backstreets of Liverpool really hold some hidden gems, stumbling upon graffitied streets done by some ridiculously talented strangers is always a nice surprise. 

I want to talk about wandering, the act of walking around aimlessly with no intention of where you're going. If I'm totally honest, a lot of us in life are wanderers, we don't realise but with little knowledge of where we actually want to go we spend the majority of our life wandering through. I believe wandering takes you down the brightest most interesting paths as when you stumble upon the unexpected the feeling of excitement you get is unbeatable. 
For me, having a plan of where I want to go in life is feeling very prominent right now and after months of wandering I don't quite know how to tackle it. I want to be happy, be successful and be loving every second of what I do but how am I meant to know what that will be until I stumble upon it?

So I stumbled upon this little alleyway in Liverpool filled with the perfect tones to match with my outfit. Orange is very quickly becoming my favourite colour and I'm finding my wardrobe becoming more and more orange by the day, I love it. Living in this pair of pants probably isn't a surprise to you as most bloggers own a pair and if you don't, why not?!?!?!?

I hope I start stumbling into different paths of life soon, it would be helpful...

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A simple day of summer

Top: Vintage // Shorts: Vintage // Belt: My dads // Socks: Primark // Shoes: Adidas // Headband: H&M

A simple day of summer.
A gentle walk through the fields and farms, greetings from wandering chickens and wide eyed sheep. The somber sun glinting in the cloudless sky, beginning to feel slightly sun kissed but usually more sun burnt.
A peacefulness that just doesn't feel quite right anywhere else.

To be home is something individual, you find happiness in various places which are personal to you.  We should not overlook our home, our surroundings and our daily routines. Although one day my home may become far away in the buzz of the city, I await for that adventure. The simple days are endless around here and for now I adore that...

Lucy Jane


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Golden Girl

Top: Vintage // Pinafore: New Look // Choker: Homemade

I often ignore my creative side when I'm off for summer, I have endless days filled with the possibility to create and make but I end up lacking motivation for ideas. However, through an online course I am completing, Parsons X Teen Vogue certificate in fashion industry essentials, it has given me more opportunities to explore my creativity to a wider spectrum.

'Golden Girl' the title of my choker, my task was to produce an accessory and take into consideration production costs, retail prices and wholesale numbers. 
Here is what I learnt explained...

Original production cost:
£3.80 - Materials
£5.30 - Wage (1 hours work)
Total cost - £9.20
To make a 25%, retail cost - £12

After chatting to my friends about they're opinions of the value of my choker, the majority said they would pay around the £8-£10 mark for an accessory such as this. However, when wholesale buyers come into the picture reducing costs is necessary, so here is what I learnt about that...

Wholesale production cost:
£2.30 - Materials
£2.65 - Wage (30 mins work)
Total cost - £4.95
To make 25% profit, wholesale cost - £6.50

As well as expanding my creative outlook, I am learning so much about the behind the scenes of the fashion industry. From production, to design, to online marketing this course is filled with so much helpful information that's pushing me even more into the world of fashion.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Polka dots and glittery socks

Jumper: Vintage // Pinafore: Primark // Shoes: Boohoo // Socks: Topshop // Phonecase: Iconemesis 

To co-ordinate your phone case with your outfit is one thing, but have you ever fully matched your phone case with your whole outfit? The online store Iconemesis have the sweetest phone cases which coincidentally, illustrate my style perfectly! 

What can sum up Lucy Jane better than a high neck jumper, pinafore, rounded glasses and a classic pair of glittery socks? The evolution of my style seems to have gone backwards, whereas most people mature with age I seem to have become more childish. With being childish comes a sense of fun, a fun and freedom to where whatever I really want and feel comfortable in it. If I didn't have a pair of glittery socks for every day of the week I probably wouldn't function the same, they're fun and that's me. What is also is me is this phone case, it perfectly reflects my childish style with the slight reminder I am still slightly sophisticated by actually owning an iPhone (that shows sophistication in my mind). 

I stress to you all that having fun with your style is what life is all about! Whether you have interest in fashion or not, playing around with colour, texture and fit are the best ways to express yourself visually. 
Feel fun in what you wear and free to wear what you want.

Lucy Jane


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Beauty around every corner

Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: Forever 21// Necklace: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop

Strolling through the streets of Mykonos town, you felt the excitement of not knowing whats round the corner yet being fully aware wherever you turn will hold so much beauty. The classic grey and white cobbles could be endlessly followed without becoming bored of where they took you, it's one big, giant, beautiful maze.

The town itself had so many amazing restaurants, bars and shops which I explored to a certain extent. My favourite place was a shop comparable to Paperchase in the UK, it's name was Anamnesia and it's products were ridiculously cute. It had the prettiest prints on stationary, bags and mugs, I loved it! 
Other than that, some streets were filled with designer stores that I was too nervous to enter, tourist shops selling classic collectables and lots and lots of jewellery shops. It was the ideal shopping destination in the early hours of the morning, not so much in the hustle and bustle of the afternoon.

My bohemian side always comes out when I'm away, you'll never see me in a maxi skirt walking round Manchester! Although whilst getting ready I thought this skirt was the perfect choice, as soon as I stepped outside the wind began to blow me and my skirt away. The slit up the side definitely adds to the design, yet it was not helpful whilst trying to keep my decency walking round Mykonos town. 
The colour combination is my absolute favourite as oranges, pinks and reds work wonderfully. 

One thing I will say for Mykonos, theres beauty around every corner...

Lucy Jane