Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Charity shop bop: Get Gold


If you're feeling timid about trying out different trends, I will tell you now there is nothing better than sparkles or shine! Whilst sifting through my wardrobe, I was drawn towards these tones of navy blue and gold. Grabbing a high waisted straight leg trouser,once worn by my teenage mother, a charity shop metallic slip and a family friends previously loved coin purse.
 I decided this was a look!

 It pleases me to see colours complimenting an overall look, especially when the tones are unexpected. When items slip into place perfectly it makes me so happy! Looking at this outfit makes me think if navy and gold were people, they would be the best of friends. The way each contrasting piece enhances the other is flawless, the perfect palette I believe. 

As for this charity shop bop, can you believe that this cost me a total of £14!!! 
(£10 being the primark boots)
It gives off such chic city vibes of a well cultured 90s woman, feeling sophisticated but pushing the boundaries nonetheless. 
I've decided the coin purse is my new thing. It was a rather vintage trend which seemed to have developed to new styles due to its lack of practicality, but I'm bringing it back!
 It makes me think of the days when people didn't carry round laptops, phones or iPads. 

I'd like to think this was once used to store Prada sunglasses, a Chanel perfume and the rouge-est of rouge lipsticks!

Lucy Jane

Friday, 13 January 2017

New Beginnings

2017, a new year, new beginnings. 

At the start of any new year you contemplate the past and dream of the future, wondering where you will be and what you will have achieved within the next 12 months. It is easy to assume that treating a new year as a 'new beginning' is nonsense as if you truly want a 'new beginning' you will pursue it when you are most passionate, yet I like to look on the bright side. 

Ahead of me is another year, this blank slate that I have the opportunity to fill with such wondrous, beautiful moments. It's exciting don't you think? We begin knowing we're going to form some kind of a personal journey throughout the next 12 months but we have absolutely no idea how! I walk into a new year with a sense of freedom, my ambition sky high with buckets of determination to get where I want to be.
  There is no time like the now which is a concept I struggle with sometimes due to my natural talent at procrastination. A new year sets in stone that the 'now' is important, repeatedly told to set 'resolutions' or 'goals' we are striving to achieve something. 
This year I want to live in the now and express the exciting essence of the present.
Every moment should be loved and I want 2017 to express that.

On a personal note, I am filled with excitement for this year. It is the year I turn 18, go to University and begin a life studying and working towards my dreams...
Being in the fashion industry. 

I will state this now and not look back:
My new beginning in 2017 means I am going to achieve to my highest abilities, live to my fullest ambition and have the most beautiful, exciting, adventurous, hysterical, glittery and loving year of my life!
I want this year to be recognised as special, I want big things to happen for little Lucy Jane!

So raise your glass of whatever beverage tickles your fancy, and have a cheers to new beginnings!

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

SOOOOOO 2017, what are ya gonna bring?

Sooooo 2017?
Personally I feel like next year is going to be a huge year for me, I know there is going to be so many changes and who knows where I'll be this time next year! I decided to test my pyschic ability and have a think about what next year will bring me in regards to different things, my first being fashion...

Slowly but surely this trend is trickling into the wardrobe of so many, although we might not realise those fishnets, checkers and tee dresses are all inspired from this era. The dark, androgynous feel to the looks yet something about wearing these looks feel so so feminine. Although in recent trends the inspiration has been incorporated into streetwear, I think 2017 will be the year of a reckless Lucy not following the timid trend.

If you're staring at this collage and thinking 'You will never catch me in that!' think again!
With the advancements in tech fashion, developing textiles in order to compete with the rapid market is something I believe will happen. Rather than the generic fabrics, we are becoming bolder creating a demand for something different. Discovering new materials and making them more wearable is so 2017!
Also, I think along with an emphasis on textiles, there will be an emphasis on nudity. I 100% agree that female or male nudity should not be shamed, our bodies are our own, of course respect others but your own self respect is not defined by your degree of physical exposure. Our bodies are beautiful, by using an art form such as fashion to contribute to the beauty is not something to degrade!

May be not a high fashion trend, but one I personally think our youth of today are going to quickly adapt. Rave culture was always about not really caring about much other than music; baggy clothes, bright colours and quirky accessories. It probably wasn't a trend they intended to create but seems iconic now. The look of 90's kid will always be an influence, yet specifically rave culture is bound to influence the brits...

Hate it or love it, glitter is hear to stay. 
(well on this blog at least)
For years we branded it as 'tacky' but for some unknown reasons glitter is becoming sophisticated, wearable and chic. I will admit, I spent years as a glitter hater but now I can not get enough of it. I love the love cut sheer tops, so unrealistic yet so chic. 
2017 you will be glittery, even more glittery than this year.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Colours of Christmas

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I hope you all had the most wonderful time over the festive period and the best end to a very unpredictable year. 

I spent my time doing a lot of eating, drinking and thinking. Every christmas throughout my life I've known Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day as three days made for not really doing much. As much as I enjoy Christmas, this year I began to think what if I changed my traditions? I suppose traditions are exciting when you're young as you have things to look forward to and feeling secure is important as child, but having just experienced my 18th Christmas I know next year I'm going to make it different.

So here are some of my thoughts...

 Go for a huuuuuuge walk. 
Pack a picnic and drive to the middle of nowhere, spend Christmas consumed by nature instead of by pigs in blankets and Quality Street's. 

Help out those in need.
Christmas is the time for giving so giving to those truly in need would be wonderful, I would 100% love to accomplish this as I feel my life is equipped with everything I need. I should stop taking everything for granted and give back what I've gained.

Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas in New York or Australia? I mean I'm doubtful of this happening but it's an idea!

Road trip!
Grab a map, grab a car and off you go! You might drive through the moors, reach the beach or head for the city, who knows! 
Alternatively, booking a few nights in a little cottage somewhere is an idea if pre-planning a trip. Being way from all the worries of real life, just what you need at Christmas time!

Send love, happiness and hugs to your family and friends and get the sparkles out for NYE!

Lucy Jane

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Charity Shop Bop: Flaming

My evolving style is my cure to boredom, searching for thrifted items, decorating old ones and never getting bored! It excites me to push the boundary, it's weirdly comforting. It's not that I refuse to wear what everyone else is wearing or that I want to be 'indie' and different, I simply prefer doing my own thing.

In life I'm not a very experimental person, I know what I like and I stick to it. With age comes changing things up more often, life seems to flow at a quicker pace and time is of the essence. You have to adapt to life rather than simply doing what you like, dealing with things maturely. For now I can't say I have made many drastic changes in myself, I am changing gradually but in my own slight ways.
When it comes to fashion I get bored and need to experiment...

What is the point of going out and experimenting in high street stores? If you want to try NEW things all you're going to find is trends, styles and items that a small percentage of the population will have already experimented with. What you NEED to do is re-use! Experiment with which stores you go to, change it up by visiting local charity shops rather than the city chain stores. Buy an old pair of jeans like I did and make them your own!!
It is cheaper, for a good cause and helps the environment. 
True experimentation in fashion is the expression of an individual touch, consumers have grown to wanting whats 'hot' but why can't we make experimenting 'hot'? 

If you feel inspired by this post let me know and show me your customised things, get charity shop boppin!

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Y O U t h

It is a pretty little thing,
is it there?
There it is, living and breathing
walk along, watch it, feel it, be it.

Free as we say we are,
Careless but I swear to you I care.
I know impossible is a tale,
tales are not truthful.

The new generation for a short time
hold potential in our eyes wonder in our hearts.
Where does the youth go?
It is a pretty little thing.

Lucy Jane

(I like to write, thought I would share some)

Saturday, 17 December 2016


I would like to think that these shots are a representation of me pretending to be some relevant girl of the 70s, but really I just had some time on my hands whilst doing a photography shoot.

Something about the vibe of 'sophisticated, mysterious 70s girl' really draws me in, I feel like in a past life I would have been that and in a future life I will try. I think living with an influence from different eras is so important, those years shaped the people who have brought us up so it's only fair to pay some kind of interest. 
What interests me is the freedom.

You see pictures from the 70s, the rise of freedom. The youth didn't realise the trends they had created and the impact they had; people continue to develop them to this day. Those pictures, poems and videos all made back in the 1970s inspire so many to triumph stronger, shout louder and live free.
It seemed like a cool time to be alive.

Lucy Jane