Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Perspective: My Health

Infinity of Fashion is a blog about Lucy Jane and I am Lucy Jane, an 18 year old girl determined to tackle the world of fashion. I've always seen my blog as a personal expression of who I am but recently I feel some what 'detached' from it. My style is evolving and I am creating content I enjoy to read but I do not feel it is all of me.

Throughout the past few months my life has been a complete up, down and all around whirlwind! Some of the most amazing experiences have occurred closely followed with some of the worst and frankly, I just want to talk about it. The amazing experiences span from so many birthday celebrations of my own and my friends, getting my own little red car and the most unforgettable trip to New York! April was a month I beamed with so much happiness on the outside, whilst the niggling negativity was slowly playing on the inside. 

*I want to take a moment here to say I am not writing this post for sympathy, I am writing this for two reasons; to try find help and advise and also to raise awareness.*

Throughout my life, my health has been one of the steadiest things to keep track of. If I ever fall ill I'm better within a few days, to put it into perspective the worst I've suffered was the Leeds fest flu! At the beginning of the year I noticed a dip in my health. It was early February and I was becoming so exhausted, lacking motivation to do anything and noticed changes in my bowel movement. I had so many exciting things planned, I ploughed on and tried to forget it. As the month progressed, so did the symptoms and I realised something wasn't quite right. Throughout February and March there were various tests done, trips to consultants and an increasing curiosity as to what was wrong. All the symptoms were becoming stronger and I was getting tired of not knowing.  5 days before going to New York I had a sigmoidoscopy, I was diagnosed with Proctitis, a form of Ulcerative Colitis. 

Ulcerative Colitis is a form of IBD(Inflammatory Bowel Disease) which is a chronic disease meaning I will have it for life as there is currently no instant cure. It is unknown why Ulcerative Colitis develops but it produces inflammation and severe ulcers along the lining of the colon or rectum. Although there will be periods of good health, known as remission, there are also periods of not so good health, known as flare ups. These 'flare-ups' are what have to be controlled and finding how to control it is really trial and error. Having caught my symptoms early, the diagnosis of proctitis meant it hadn't travelled throughout my colon which is a positive of the situation! I only knew of the condition because it ran in my family, otherwise I would have been clueless.

Over the past 4 weeks I've been trying medication, diets and supplements to control my symptoms and reduce flare up, all whilst I was trying to make life on the outside run as smoothly as possible.
Everything on the inside was going wrong, but I tried so hard to keep everything on the outside right.
This is why I titled the post perspective...

I am struggling to put my life into perspective.
In this moment I feel my health is deteriorating and I struggle to accept the importance of that. Health should be more important than anything! My health can improve but it feels like I'm running round in circles trying to find the answers because nothing seems to be working. I know it is a chronic disease so I can't improve over night but nobody understands how frustrating that is. I am someone who puts 100% into everything and having this illness is tarnishing my efforts and pulling me down. I have A level exams in 6 weeks, deadlines to meet and I wake up every morning and struggle to get up, most days I don't. I sleep up to 15 hours a night and after 2-3 hours of activity, feel like I need to nap. 
I can pretend I'm fine on the outside but truthfully, I'm not really that fine.
It is a viscous cycle of exhaustion, frustration, stress and anxiety and I just don't feel like me anymore.

As well as medication, I am currently trying a gluten/dairy free diet and taking aloe vera supplements every day but haven't felt any effects yet. I would love to know if anyone knows ANY possible solutions from the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. My main symptoms are fatigue, stomach pains and inconsistent bowel movement and I am struggling to act normally with all this ongoing. 
I just want to be back to my old self and am reaching to anyone who has personal experience just to talk to. 

In perspective my health should be put first but I really struggle with thinking that. It is hard to express the extent of how I feel because I don't want the problems in my life to be thrown onto somebody else. I know it's one tiny thing in the whole spectrum of things but right now it feels like a huge weight over me.
I apologise for the lack of posts, I just want to be better and feel like me again.

Lucy Jane

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Golden Time: Day to Night

With fashion I adapt my outfit to my mood, the term 'dressing up' is universal to me as when isn't a good time to dress up? Recently I had been wondering what I would do if having time to change my outfits was an issue, what if I had to work with what I'd got, think Day to Night!

As an 18 year old student who has balanced college, work and a social life amongst a huge load of other stresses, I understand the pressures of time management. The 'perfect' student life involves a day filled with hard work and studying, accompanied by a night filled with socialising but we all know it is never quite that simple! With the help of contemporary jewellery brand AUrate , I was inspired to create transitional looks that work from day to night for me. Keeping the same staple top and jeans, I challenged myself to make two differing looks perfect for separate occasions...

Layering this lace Forever 21 top with my vintage golden cami was the perfect simple solution to pair with these Primark jeans. A trend associated with Autumn/Winter, the cooler temperatures in the UK are making layering a must; it adds that extra detail to an otherwise boring look!
Talking of layering, I opted for a few staple jewellery pieces with this Black Stoned Choker along with the finely detailed Black Stone Ring and Closed Flower Ring
Taking simple jewellery pieces such as those found on adds so much to an outfit. With no overpowering tones or colours in the jewellery, the golden touch compliments the look perfectly, it's Golden Time!

Being someone who strays away from classic 'night out' clothing, I thought this outfit would be the perfect spring night look for an outing with friends! Using the same top and jeans as the previous look, I added this M&S floral shirt,  New Look oriental bag and Primark golden boots. 
The bold tones really brightened the look, bringing out the staple colour of Gold!
  Night looks often give you a chance to experiment with styles, it is the time to have fun! I decided to layer these two golden necklaces, the Golden Bar and Golden V both found on

Day to Night looks are becoming increasingly popular with everyone busy schedule, the key to success is jewellery! Adapt the pieces to your style and work with what you've got, whether its keeping it minimal or laying pieces AUrate are full of beautiful items to transition those Day to Night! 

Lucy Jane

Saturday, 22 April 2017

LSB IN NYC - Stop and stare, It's Times Square!

Think of all the breath-taking moments you've had and roll them into one, mixing together all that wonder and awe into a split second. You are truly amazed.
This is what Times Square (and pretty much the whole of NYC) did to me. 

'Been dreaming of those bright lights, in the city...' a lyric sang by my favourite band that could never have felt more fitting than in that moment. We wandered down 48th street till we saw the neon signs growing brighter and bigger and eventually, hit Times Square! My first thoughts were 'woah', everything was so big, bold and busy. So many people rushing down the street; made up half of excitable tourists and the other half of New Yorkers, uninterested by their daily commute. It seemed so surreal to be in Times Square, the place I'd seen countless times on TV and I was actually there!
Surprisingly, I did anticipate more lights then there was but may be that's because my first experience was in day light, it comes alive at night...

Stepping out after eating at around 9:00pm, me, my mum and my dad were all amazed at the difference. Suddenly it felt like this was a city that didn't sleep, it didn't even feel dark the lights were so bright! It was hard to fathom it all as there was so much to see. We casually wandered round as we passed a man dressed as a Marijuana leaf, countless broadway shows and so many independent artists trying to sell us their music. 
There was such a buzz that is hard to explain, everyone was there but nobody really cared what anyone was doing. 
It wasn't an ignorance, people were just too cool to care!

So my second night in New York left me wanting to see more, so far I'd fallen in love with absolutely everything and knew I never wanted to leave.

Lucy Jane

Thursday, 13 April 2017

LSB IN NYC: Central Park and Antique Art

On Saturday 1st April 2017, I travelled to the city that I have dreamt about visiting for so long. Craving to ride the subway, hail a cab and see the infamous skyline that leaves you breathless at first sight, I went to New York City.

Central Park and antique art was what my first full day in NYC consisted of. Our plan was to wander round Central Park throughout the morning, head on to the MET museum and wander back to ready ourselves for the night. We took a right down Fifth Avenue, the street I can only describe as Oxford Street on steroids. The further down we went, the more designer shops appeared. Gucci, Prada, Chanel, YSL, the dream. It was my first day in NYC, how was I already being tempted by the pieces I could never afford? Their window displays were precise works of art and I was blown away. There is something comforting about being in awe of absolutely everything, I was in this dreamworld that I want as reality. 

After a while the shops dispersed and before us appeared large boulders, green lawns and blossoming trees. 
Welcome to Central Park! 
The iconic photo opportunities passed with obvious instagrams being snapped, the further you ventured the more interesting it got. Luckily the sun was beating down that morning meaning we ambled along feeling relaxed as ever! When we reached the lake we decided to hop in the Boathouse Restaurant for Sunday Brunch which I highly recommend. Our first day had to be filled with waffles, pancakes and my favourite; french toast. With our view of The Lake, we watched as families and friends rowed around this pool of tranquility. A moment of peace in the city that never sleeps. When our food arrived I honestly felt like a dream had come true, nothing beats french toast and this was 100% the best french toast I have EVER eaten! Our brunch was as american as can be and we left feeling very full and very happy.

Our next stop was The MET museum which is famously known for hosting the ever so elegant event that is the MET Gala along with its huge collection of historic art. It felt so surreal standing in the same place that so many of my fashion icons have once stood. The never ending staircase that turns fantasy into reality on the first Monday in May, one day I hope to experience that. 

We headed back through the western side of central park seeing the Great Lawn, Belvedere Castle and stumbling upon Strawberry Fields. It felt so peaceful sitting on a bench around the 'IMAGINE' monument, a man sat strumming The Beatles whilst people gathered round appreciating the exact same moment. 
People walked by, people stopped but everyone seemed so so happy.

My first experience of New York was wonderful and magical to say the least. It all seemed so out of place, you were in nature unnaturally but it felt right. 

Central Park and antique art is a day I will remember for a lifetime, if I could bottle up the joy, the happiness and the contentment I felt that day I would keep it and save it for my down days. I push myself back into that moment seeing the street performers singing or the street artists painting and remember everything can feel okay because that day, life felt perfect...

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 26 March 2017

#CHARITYSHOPBOP : In with purple and pink - Runway edition

London Fashion Week seems like a life-time ago in the fast paced world of fashion, but shift your minds back to a few weeks ago. We saw A/W17 showcase some beautiful looks down the catwalk with a lot of focus on red, cheetah print, leather but suprisingly, purples and pinks. 
At Charity Fashion Live they covered the event instantaneously, recreating the runway looks from pieces discovered in a Charity Shop. Channeling designers inspiration from different shows, their looks were inspired by Molly Goodard and Ryan Lo, as seen above, but also Henry Holland and Jasper Conran. 
Streaming their fashion show seemed more exciting than the runways, they had a style but what they did with it was their choice!

I decided to adapt Charity Fashion Lives approach to Fashion Week, taking inspiration from their re-created looks and adding my only Lucy Jane twist!
 I raided the local charity shops and picked up all these pieces that were under £5 each, such a bargain!
 Being inspired mainly by colour and texture, the snake-skin shirt replicated Ryan Lo's bold prints. His designs use a variety of prints along with contrasting colour. Molly Goodard adapted simple structures, with a basic shaped top along with wide leg pants. This 'anti-structure' silhouette is one I adore with loosing fitting trousers being a must in my wardrobe! 

The colour palette of pink and purple was the main stem of my idea. I put together a range of pieces replicating both silhouette and colour. My favourite piece has to be my £5 fluffy pink jacket, it's so snuggly, bright and better than any high street find! 
I think this look is bright, bold and fun!
As purples and pinks are colours I usually sway away from, taking inspiration from Charity Fashion Live and experimenting with clothes by buying in Charity Shops allows me to try the weirdest most wonderful looks!

 I urge you all to
1. Head on over to  to check out their amazing show!
2. Consider sustainability when buying off the high street 
and 3...

Lucy Jane 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Those red roses

Spring is almost 'sprung' yet I can't veer myself away from wanting to wear the classic winter tones of red, black and white. I think there is something about red that I truly love, I found a journal entry from a few months back where I wrote about my favourite colour, have a read...

' A strength and power to the feminine culture, stereotyped as a masculine colour at birth, I think red embodies strong, determined women. 
It is also a happy colour that reminds me of my holidays, my favourite red two piece always comes to mind.
It is the perfect tone to match my auburn/brown/ginger combination hair that makes my eyes completely pop.
Red is power'

With spring usually comes a flood of pastel colours but just keeping looking at those red roses...

Lucy Jane

Saturday, 11 March 2017

70s Suede

I can't tell whether the over-sized glasses look is a good thing on me anymore or not? Part of me thinks I look like a sophisticated, vintage woman whilst the other half thinks I look like a fly, with bug eyes.
It is a look I suppose...

70s suede, something which was in EVERY single shop around 2 years ago and we really couldn't get enough of it. We saw it in the form of jackets, skirts and even shoes, but where exactly did it go? I found this vintage jacket back in 2015 and feel the neglected trend led me to neglect this.

'Trends' are something I'm trying to push away from, of course subconsciously we are all inspired by trending things but to lead a life based upon them doesn't feel right to me. I am a creative person, I take inspiration from so much around me it is hard for me to define when I'm following a 'trend'. There is nothing to say do not follow trends as they play a key role in society which I find really interesting. The knock on effect of something 'trending' is so weird for me to comprehend, a large number of people suddenly obsessing over the same thing. 
Pushing away from whats 'trending' in society and thinking about whats 'trending' in you is important.  Making yourself happy and fulfilled should be number 1 priority, listen to your own voice first.

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 26 February 2017


The perfect valentines day was spent wandering the streets of Notting Hill where I stumbled upon a little gem...

Sifting through the rails of the most up-market Oxfam I have EVER encountered, I came across the worlds most amazing coat. Presumably vintage, this bright blue suede jacket is the most perfect piece I have ever found. With a slight comparison to Marc Jacobs recent A/W17 collection, this shearling coat is everything I ever wanted and more! It was as if by chance I found this colourful coat as 1. My unplanned outfit matched it perfectly and 2. I was shooting in Notting Hill, a placed renowned for its colourful houses!
All things happen for a reason...

Although this #CHARITYSHOPBOP was a slight splurge being £29.99, the coat feels brand new! Once bought, I strolled around with my Mum through Notting Hill and Chelsea falling in love with the places I could only ever dream of living in. Seeing such grandeur and glamour in a residential place just felt so weird, but so glamorous. 

I love seeing such contrasting parts of London as the more you search for the more you discover. This time next year I hope to have composed many more blog posts of my London adventures, along with a continuing theme of #CHARITYSHOPBOP !!

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 19 February 2017

When In Shoreditch

Discovering new places is something I love to do, you diversify what you know, what you've seen and how you look at things. Walking around Shoreditch for the first time was exactly this, the overwhelming sense of something new and exciting...

Wall after wall beautifully hidden behind a mask of graffiti, it felt like I was in a live art exhibition. Every corner turned opened up a story of somebody out there with something to say through the bright colours and bold statements. The independence this must have given a community seems so liberating, they have become part of their environment. Some pieces were so intricately detailed contrasting with the simple, yet each looked to me as if it belonged in an art gallery. The hundreds of murals surrounding me did become rather overwhelming as it took me right out of the places I was used to, I had a moment of anxiety because this new place was so new?

I'm not a particularly nervous person, I find facing things quite easy and try to take everything in my stride. When in Shoreditch it hit me in a way I'd not felt before and I crumbled under the unknown. Once I'd realised it is okay to not feel comfortable in new experiences, my day got back to normal but it taught me this...

I am 18 this year and officially an adult. New opportunities, responsibilities and situations will constantly be thrown at me and it is OKAY to not dive in head first. Things always work out even if at first glance it seems impossible to overcome, you can do it!

Lucy Jane


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

In love in lilac...

Being a child there was always a definitive between being 'girly' or 'boyish'. The society that surrounded us triggered our minds into associating certain things to each gender making us aspire to one singular set of traits. 
I began thinking about this when for the first time in years I looked in the mirror and thought 'I want to look more girly', but what did I mean by that? 

Growing up as a pretty confident individual, I could easily ignore peoples opinions on what I wore. Whether I'd bought it from mens section, women section or was wearing a style nobody liked, if I felt good I was happy. I didn't want to dress like anything other than myself and that gave me my little comfort bubble. I was ignoring everything my little child brain had heard as being seen as 'girly' was not a necessity of mine, I wanted to be seen as 'me'. 
That felt wonderful.

Gender was never something that crossed my mind when buying clothes as fashion is art and art should be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates it. I see an industry now pushing the boundaries and grasping gender fluidity and showcasing it with this subtle beauty and it makes me so so happy to see such a easy adaptation! So when I thought 'I want to look more girly' I think I know what I meant. Wanting to change up the colours, the style and adapt to the feelings in myself. 
I am in love in lilac here, may be in love with blue there.
I am in love with whatever I express myself as because really, why should we care?

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 12 February 2017

35mm diaries: Hometown

Shot on Olympus OM10

Gazing over the familiar landscape, I being to wonder...will this always feel familiar?
Surrounded by the bouncing hills along the horizon, the roads that lead to the same old places and the people who shaped who I am. You don't understand how special something is till you consider leaving it behind. A picturesque landscape, one thats mine.

18 years of life exploded into this place providing 18 years of unforgettable memories.
I think of it as a town of in between, not too far from the hustling city yet not too far from the peaceful countryside.
 The perfect mix.

Now comes 2017, where the prospect of moving away from here seems 100% guaranteed. Venturing from my Hometown to London, or so I hope. Welcoming changes and new beginnings and from that a different life will evolve. Pushed out of every comfort I have ever know into a blank, bare page. 
I hope I can rewrite my comforts and make it feel like my Hometown.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Charity shop bop #runwayedition: Patterned in pink

#runwayedition what is that I hear you asking?
Having taken inspiration from the creators of Charity Fashion Live, a blog I will explain later, I decided to show you a look for less. 
How items bought in charity shops can end up resembling those on the runway, at a much smaller cost!

Pretty In Pink! An outfit taken inspiration from Gucci's A-W15-16 trend of 'Granny Chic' which is one continually growing. The development of textures like silk and velvet are all inspired by the trend, replicating through the soft texture of my black slip and shirt. The bold pinky yellow prints are another HUGE trend, these bold prints are so stunning even though they mirror the patterns on your Grandma's curtains! The most noticeable trend that Gucci kick-started was the fake, over-sized framed glasses. For some reason the world has become obsessed with glasses as an accessory, something I have never seen a lot of. It definitely adds a vintage twist but I can't decide whether glasses are for me or not.  

The overall trend is one that has been broken down and filtered to mainstream fashion a lot through what the high street provides. The best way to be inspired right from the designer is to buy second hand, you're making the style for yourself rather than someone else deciding it for you!

This concept is something I am all for, sustainability is key to the growing world and anything I can do to contribute to living more sustainably is good. I noticed a blog called Charity Fashion Live a few weeks ago and they're blog really inspired me to push this message. 
They recreate looks instantly after appearing on the catwalk through using only the clothes found in a charity shop! They are engaging a huge audience within the general public and establishing the idea of 'sustainable fashion'.
I respect this so much as it is hard sometimes to get the message across as people struggle to change their habits, if people aren't interested people will never know the damaging effects our lives are having.

 'An estimated 400 billion square meters of textiles are produced annually, of which 60 billion square meters are left on the cutting room floor. Each year over 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide, and after its short lifespan, three out of four garments will end up in landfills or be incinerated. Only a quarter will be recycled.' 

There are so many astonishing facts floating around talking about the industry in terms of how pollutant it is, how wasteful it is and what a huge impact it is having on our environment.
Charity Fashion Live, along with myself and a whole lot of others who support sustainable fashion want to help and make our impact! 
So please get your #CHARITYSHOPBOP on and go find some masterpieces!!!!

Lucy Jane

Saturday, 4 February 2017


The one thing at the minute I can't get enough of is leopard print. Deemed as cheap and tacky to so many people, I believe you can wear it and still be classy AF. It reminds of elegance and Alexa Chung which are both great influences to life. If you can look sassy in leopard print, you have smashed life. I just want to wrap myself up in a leopard print velvet throw and feel like a 1950s star! At the minute, I am constantly drawn to wanting to wear all the things that nobody else does. 
Rebelling to conformity you could say...

Creating a mix of street and sophistication seems to be my approach in this 'PRINT ON PRINT' look. Combining the velvet texture of the tee, with the embossed burgundy scarf  gently complimenting my deep red culottes, a perfect match. This is one of my outfits that falls into my 'fancy top' category. I have this dilemma where my wardrobe is filled with exciting pieces on top, but not so much on bottom. 
I hate jeans, I get too cold in skirts and the size of my bum is another obstacle. 
I generally opt for wearing culottes as they are so versatile and comfy yet I can't help but wish I saw myself wearing something else. Any suggestions????
I love an exciting outfit!

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Charity shop bop ft. sassy red shoes

The sassy red shoes...
Although they are sadly not a Charity Shop purchase, I have been keeping my eye out for similar pairs whilst bopping round the shops. Giving off a 70s disco-dancer style from the red vinyl material and bold silver details, they are the perfect party shoe. I am soooooo in love with them! Sadly rather uncomfortable to wear, you just have to deal with the pain and stomp around sassily!

The rest of this outfit is quite experimental for me, I'm not usually one to layer in this way or go for black and white tones but you've got to try something new! What I love about this pairing is that this shirt was probably previously owned by a elderly lady, now I'm wearing it with a velvet bra and leather boots. How can you not find re-inventing clothes so interesting??? It's like giving them a new life! These culottes are a beloved pair which I got and cut off the hems, leaving these silver and black threads loosely hanging. 
As my style is progressing, I've discovered I like to leave things slightly unfinished. Having a polished style is never my end aim as where is the fun in being clean cut?
 Gotta add a bit of surprise just like with my sassy red shoes...

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

to be hopeful, to be strong, to be equal! - Being a feminist

For the past year my curiosity as to what is really going on in the world has grown. My knowledge for politics and worldly issues is expanding and I am beginning to form opinions on what I believe in and stand by. 
Something I strongly believe in is equality, the state of being equal in regards to race, age, gender, work, human rights and oppurtunities.

In light of the inspiring and astounding 'Women's March' which took place across the globe, I wanted to focus on equality of gender, being a feminist. 

I always thought feminism was too complicated for me to understand when the term was uttered throughout high school, it seemed something intellectual that was beyond my understandings. As I left high school and began college, I started to understand what being a 'feminist' was. It was nothing to do with radical views or hatred towards men, it was simple.
Being a feminist meant believing in political, economic and social equality for the sexes. When I realised this, my first thought was 'Why isn't everyone a feminist? Why aren't we all striving for equality?'. 

Living in this generation feels so rewarding to me. The youth today are so comfortable and accepting with change, hence why the heart of these movements lies with us. We have to shout about it, make ourselves heard and be the bridge to other generations to raise awareness because people have become so blind to it. 

So Donald Trump is president and it seems his misogynistic, racist and ultimately idiotic ways have sparked a fire in a generation wanting equality. I don't like Trump.
With his recent inauguration, it got me thinking...
In an era where feminism is SO important and SO believed in, how has it happened that the President of the United States is far from a feminist? 
Wanting to punish for abortions, objectifying women for their physical appearance and making degrading comments to better himself. I stand by the millions of Americans who have hope for change, not hope in Trump.
Politics isn't my strong point, but I am entitled to have an opinion.

Being a feminist is being me, being a woman, being someone who wants equality. Across the globe people are constantly oppressed, being treated unfairly and having basic human rights taken away from them. On a large scale my impact will be small as I don't have the power to free the world of inequality but I'm standing up and speaking out and striving for change. 
I may be shy and timid or loud and proud, but I believe in feminism. I want to be equal, I want you to be equal and I do not want to live in an oppressed society. 

Your life begins exactly the same as everyone else, you know nothing.
You grow, learn and become you.
Somewhere along the way you unconsciously learn of whats considered right and wrong.
Once you unlearn that life feels a lot more empowering...

Lucy Jane

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Tied To The Stars

I've always had a fascination with stars. The way you look up, able to see them being so far away yet they shine like the brightest light in all the night. Scientifically, they're a huge ball of gas but our imagination can tell us differently...

Texture has become my new favourite accessory, trying to mix everything such as lace, velvet and leather. It's proving a key trend throughout my wardrobe in 2017. I am obsessed with these dungarees as the majority of my wardrobe looks amazing under them. It saddens me that they are fully black, as a two tone may have been an interesting look but we can't have everything we want! My lace top is an amazing find from Blue Rinse Vintage in Manchester, it's the perfect dressy casual top that I will none-stop wear. The metaphor of this post comes in the use of my starry scarf, I am literally tied to the stars but I thought I'd approach this rather uniquely...

Let me be tied to the stars in the sky to fly high above the world when all good turns bad.
Let me be tied to the stars to dream, dreaming of distant places and magical beginnings.
Let me be tied to the stars when unmotivated, doubtful and turn into a bursting ball of energy.
Let me be tied to the stars when I feel lonely, remembering we're all in this life together.
Let me be tied to the stars if I'm sad and realise I've got this whole world to make me happy.
Let me be tied to stars through life, being a bundle of energy, light and sparkles.
I am tied to the stars.

Lucy Jane