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I could sit here and present myself as this 'sophisticated mature' blogger, but what fun would that be? I'm Lucy Jane (Smith-Butler), a 17 year old girl from Manchester with the intentions to achieve whatever goals I want in life and that is a fact. I could make up some classic anecdote about how I was styling outfits by the age of 2 and a professional seamstress at 5, but the reality is I've known for as long as I can remember that 'I won't be happy if my life doesn't revolve around fashion'. And I'm an avid believer in happiness.

A little background of Lucy Jane...
I started this blog late 2012/early 2013 when my 13 year old self decided a combination of picnic edits and inspirational quotes would be the desired content from my audience, needless to say a lot has changed. Over the past three years I've developed my style as for clothes, writing and grown so much within myself. My blog has been a reflection of the struggles (when my content became sparse), amazing experiences (friendships, festivals and holidays!!!) and a collection of some of my favourite outfits over the years. Although I can't say I am the most popular amongst the blogging world, I am pretty proud of what I've achieved.

So what about me?
I find it hard to define what 'me' really is, if I'm honest 'me' is just a jumbled up heap of a whole lot of things. Being creative is my true love; music-loving, picture-taking, freely-dancing, fashion-blogging or hopelessly-rambling, whenever I am creative I am happy. Is it fair to say expressing myself is a talent of mine? I love to feel free. I think being open-minded has changed 'me' a huge amount. When your pathways are wider, there's more that can travel through it. Narrowing your horizons is setting restrictions, holding back from changes and new opportunities will benefit nobody! So being 'me' is hard to explain but summed up through I am a real dreamer. I run away with my imagination, thinking of adventures and a future so wild and wonderful, I crave it!

Speaking as the person I feel right now, I think Lucy Jane is a happy, loving, careless individual. Determined to achieve to her best ability with absolutely NOTHING stopping that! I am slowly fitting into this body and mind I have, simply finding my voice, a voice that is one in so many billions, yet so valuable.

Whats next?
University is creeping nearer and nearer and it is so exciting! I received offers from University for the Creative Arts in Epsom and University of the Arts in London, both studying Fashion Marketing and Management. I'll sit my A-levels this summer and thankfully be done with exams forever! September 2017 will be the big month, I'll be moving down to London far away from the comforts of my hometown near Manchester. It is such a huge decision, but I just feel its right. London is such an important location in the global fashion industry meaning so many more opportunities for me. The next few years hold soooooo many new possibilities, it's scary but exhilarating. I'll finally be pursuing  a life into what I love, surrounded by like-minded creatives all striving for similar things.

It is such big change and I am so ready for it!

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